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QSF & Claims Administration

Our experienced team handles everything from establishing the QSF to processing the final payments.

Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) and Claims Administration

Settlement Services for Complex Cases

The Settlement Alliance is the nation’s most trusted resource for claims administration. Our experts have served as court-appointed claims administrators for claims totaling billions of dollars in settlement proceeds.

Our Claimant Advocacy Group is also available to answer any questions that claimants may have about how the settlement will impact the benefits they may be receiving.

Our QSF administration services include:

  • Preparing all motions, court orders, and documents needed to establish and administer the fund
  • Generating client closing statements and providing accounting for the fund
  • Disbursement of all claimant payments, including direct funding of Special Needs Trusts and/or structured settlements
  • Live call center assistance
  • Attorney fee and expense disbursement
  • Executing qualified assignments
  • Managing payment of finalized liens
  • Printed educational materials for claimants
  • National bankruptcy and probate coordination
  • Fraud protection/check validity verification
  • Daily account reconciliation, monthly financial accounting and reporting
  • Treasury management and investment of funds within the QSF
  • Tax return filings and 1099 issuance
  • Access to local elder law and probate attorneys across the country
  • Closing of the fund and interest reconciliation

Simply put, a Qualified Settlement Fund (also called a 468B Trust) is an extremely useful settlement tool to allow for the proper resolution of both mass tort litigation and cases involving multiple claimants. When a QSF is created and funded, a defendant makes a payment into the fund in exchange for a full release of all claims.

The defendant's funding of the QSF creates economic performance for the underlying settlement and they receive an immediate tax deduction for their payment. Meanwhile, the individual cases pending final resolution of liens and other required documentation are handled without any unnecessary time pressures.

How a Settlement Planner Benefits Plaintiffs

Most importantly for injured plaintiffs, the QSF affords them the necessary time to make critical decisions on whether to accept the settlement offer, how to invest their future settlement proceeds, establish any trusts or structured settlements, engage in government benefit planning, and attempt to reduce any pending liens.

The extended time period allows our team to determine the most appropriate and viable plan for each client's specific needs and circumstances, and to address a range of related issues without the time pressures of litigation. Once the claimant's outstanding liens are resolved and the participating claimant is cleared to receive their settlement funds, the investment decisions can be finalized by the plaintiff and the settlement proceeds are set to be distributed accordingly.

It is the duty of the trustee/QSF administrator to make sure that the lien obligations of the claimants are fully satisfied by the fund and that the remaining funds entitled to the claimants are properly distributed.

Funds in a QSF are not "constructively received" by a claimant, which provides time for the following:

Our QSF Administration Capabilities

We are the nation’s authority on settlement planning. The Settlement Alliance has served as the court-appointed QSF Administrator for a number of high-profile cases. We have administered claims for hundreds of thousands of claimants, totaling billions of dollars in settlement proceeds.

From initial intake to final disbursement, our team of experts manages the end-to-end administration of complex settlements at competitive rates. Our team is comprised of licensed attorneys, experienced settlement fund trustees, government benefits counselors, Certified Public Accountants, probate counsel, and bankruptcy counsel.

The Settlement Alliance utilizes proprietary technology and processes to efficiently and accurately audit the QSFs that our experts administer. We make sure that every dollar goes to the right place, and once liens are cleared, we pay attorney fees, reimburse expenses, pay all verified liens, and process the final net settlement checks to the clients or trust accounts. Our streamlined process saves considerable time, expense, and effort for all parties involved.

To learn more about our services and how we can assist with your next case, request a free consultation today.

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