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Mass Tort Settlement Resolution

We offer scalable solutions for streamlining cases that involve multiple claimants.

Mass Tort Settlement Planning & Resolution

The Settlement Alliance has become the authority in mass tort fund administration and claims administration. Many of the leading mass tort law firms turn to our team of experts to coordinate mass tort projects of all sizes. Mass tort litigation projects involve complex, ever-evolving compliance requirements, ethics rules, and a host of unique legal and regulatory issues—all of which we are prepared to handle.

Our team has worked on tens of thousands of claims across the country, including pharmaceutical and medical device settlements on behalf of injured minors and adults, massive refinery and oil platform explosions, including the British Petroleum Texas City refinery incident (2005) and Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010).Our settlement planners and staff have also worked on over 3,500 pharmaceutical-related birth defect and childhood injury cases in the last four years alone.

What Settlement Planning Accomplishes for Mass Tort Plaintiffs

Attorneys representing plaintiffs involved in mass tort litigation are legally required to ensure that their clients understand their options prior to receiving settlement funds. In order to protect their assets and secure their financial futures, our team evaluates how each claimant's forthcoming settlement could affect their current and future government benefit eligibility. Our dedicated mass tort team works alongside your law firm throughout the settlement process to make certain that clients are properly educated and protected.

The Settlement Alliance offers scalable, customized solutions to ensure law firm compliance, streamline administration, minimize costs, and reduce the time needed for cases to conclude.

Scalable Solutions for Your Mass Tort Cases

How Your Firm Benefits

With federal and state compliance requirements and guidelines constantly changing, mass tort litigators are particularly vulnerable to penalties for non-compliance. The Settlement Alliance has already helped hundreds of law firms successfully navigate the complexities of the mass tort settlement planning and administration process. Call us today to learn about our unique approach and how we can help you take care of your clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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