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Lien Resolution

We work with industry experts to resolve liens and ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied.

Lien Resolution

Nationwide Settlement Planning

Failure to resolve liens can result in severe penalties, including the loss of settlement proceeds. At The Settlement Alliance, our streamlined process efficiently identifies and resolves matters concerning subrogation interests and liens to provide attorneys and their clients with the most favorable outcomes possible.

Medicare Liens: Medicare Secondary Payer laws require that for cases involving Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare must be the first payee of a lawsuit. The burden is on the beneficiary to determine if a lien exists and report it to Medicare. We take that burden off of the injured person and ensure that legal requirements are met and benefits are not disrupted.

Medicaid Liens: In many cases, Medicaid can and will seek reimbursement from a portion of the settlement. These rules are complex and vary from state to state. Our extensive experience with the Medicaid process offers security for the injured person by ensuring that their benefits continue and all requirements are met.

ERISA or Private Healthcare Liens: An ERISA or private healthcare plan may attempt to seize a portion of the settlement amount—or, in some cases, the entire settlement—to recover the medical benefits it has distributed on behalf of the client.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Liens: If the plaintiff has received veterans benefits to cover medical care, dental care, hospitalization, or surgical procedures, their settlement could be subject to seizure in order to repay a VA lien.

Lien Resolution Services

Our services include:

  • Identifying potential liens
  • Determining if any relevant benefits have been received
  • Managing correspondence with lien holder
  • Carefully auditing payment summaries
  • Negotiating the reduction or waiving of liens
  • Submitting appeals and petitions as needed
  • Coordinating paperwork and administrative functions
  • Ensuring compliance with state/federal requirements and policies

Mass Tort Lien Resolution Services

  • For cases involving hundreds, or even thousands of claimants, lien obligations can be overwhelming. The Settlement Alliance is equipped to resolve liens on a large scale, with the same attention to compliance and efficiency as demonstrated on single-event cases. We work with leaders in the lien resolution industry to get the job done quickly on mass tort cases—and to get it done right.

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