The Settlement Alliance

Bankruptcy & Probate Coordination

With our national network of local bankruptcy and probate counsel, our team assist the attorney and the claimant to expedite the resolution of any disbursement issues.

Bankruptcy & Probate Coordination

Nationwide Settlement Planning Services

Bankruptcy and probate matters can be quite complex and can disrupt the disbursement of the settlement funds. The Settlement Alliance works in tandem with the attorney and the claimant to effectively and expeditiously resolve any disbursement issues through effective settlement planning. Our national network of local bankruptcy and probate counsel is readily available to guide the claimant through the process.


If the claimant’s injury occurred before filing a bankruptcy or during an open bankruptcy, they may face problems with the disbursement of their award. Depending on state laws, settlement proceeds could be considered an asset of the bankruptcy estate. Bankruptcy exemptions should be properly vetted to determine how the settlement should be handled. Settlement funds will not be disbursed until either the trustee has declared no interest in the funds or the bankruptcy court has ordered to whom the funds may be disbursed.


If a claimant is receiving a settlement award for a loved one’s estate, they may have to go through estate administration to ensure that assets are divided according to the law or the decedent’s wishes. While the claimant may elect to self-settle the estate, it is highly advisable to use an expert to navigate this difficult and often confusing process. Settlement funds will not be disbursed until the necessary probate procedures are complete.

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