The Settlement Alliance

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The Settlement Alliance has brought together a group of industry-leading settlement planning professionals. We are dedicated to protecting the financial futures of injured claimants and their families by offering comprehensive settlement services. Our consultants are licensed nationwide and are proud to do business with hundreds of law firms across the country.
Learn more about our team members below.

  • Scott  Freeman

    Scott Freeman

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Settlement Planner

    Scott Freeman, founder of The Settlement Alliance, is recognized as one of the nation’s most accomplished settlement consultants. His years of experience and dedicated, results-based approach are invaluable to attorneys and the clients they represent. Scott’s skill at handling complex settlements has led to The Settlement Alliance being the court-appointed Trustee and Qualified Settlement Fund Administrator for hundreds of thousands of claimants involved in pharmaceutical and medical device, refinery explosion, toxic tort, and catastrophic injury litigation around the country.

    Meet Scott Freeman
  • Jason  Leiker

    Jason Leiker

    National Director of Sales

    Jason Leiker serves as National Director of Sales for The Settlement Alliance. As National Director of Sales, Jason guides TSA’s Settlement Planning Team in providing industry-leading service to attorneys and claimants. Clients can count on Jason as a trusted resource for developing personalized settlement plans.

    Meet Jason Leiker
  • George  Audi

    George Audi, CFP®, ChSNC™

    Settlement Planner

    George Audi has served clients in the financial services industry for almost 20 years, earning membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. He has published numerous articles and spoken publicly on structured settlements for a variety of groups.

    Meet George Audi
  • Charlit  Bonilla

    Charlit Bonilla

    Settlement Planner

    A veteran of the financial services industry with over a decade of experience, Mr. Bonilla is an expert in plaintiff-centric settlement planning. He has personally structured hundreds of complex settlements, helping clients plan for their future medical and financial needs by developing comprehensive Medicare- and Medicaid-compliant plans for settlements ranging from $50,000 to $30,000,000.

    Meet Charlit Bonilla
  • Philip  Cripps

    Philip Cripps

    Settlement Planner

    Philip Cripps was involved in the oil and gas industry for over a decade before changing career paths and joining The McCullough Group, an affiliate of The Settlement Alliance. Since his transition, Philip has assisted numerous plaintiff's attorneys and their clients with a variety of issues, ranging from structured settlements and attorney fee deferrals to Medicare Set-Asides and trust services.

    Meet Philip Cripps
  • Bernie  Daleo

    Bernie Daleo

    Settlement Planner

    Bernie Daleo began his settlement planning career with The James Street Group in 2000. Since then, he has grown to become one of the nation’s most accomplished settlement planners, working on both mass tort settlement resolution and catastrophic single event cases. Prior to his work as a settlement planner, Bernie worked as an insurance consultant, where he honed his expert knowledge of the insurance industry.

    Meet Bernie Daleo
  • Billy  Dressler

    Billy Dressler, ChSNC™

    Settlement Planner

    Billy Dressler, ChSNC™, has spent nearly a decade in the financial industry. As a financial services representative for a nationally recognized financial firm, Billy got to know each client on an individual basis so that he could best understand how to meet their needs. His desire to help people is evident in his decision to transition to the settlement industry.

    Meet Billy Dressler
  • Bill  Gammill

    Bill Gammill, CFP®, CLU, CSSC

    Settlement Planner

    Bill is a settlement planner affiliated with The Settlement Alliance. He is the Managing Partner of CBG Wealth Management, a settlement planning group that he co-founded for AXA Advisors. Bill works with law firms and their financial advisors nationwide, creating financial strategies and structured settlement plans designed to resolve complex litigation issues in personal injury, divorce, and commercial litigation cases. His approach emphasizes a focus on understanding clients’ personal and family goals in order to create customized financial strategies that give them peace of mind.

    Meet Bill Gammill
  • Roland  Gonzalez, Jr.

    Roland Gonzalez, Jr.

    Settlement Planner

    Roland Gonzalez, a native of South Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University in 2006, double-majoring in Political Science and History. Thereafter, he chose to broaden his life experience by pursuing a Master of Arts in Religious Studies at Southern Seminary and a Master of Arts in Philosophy at King's College, the University of London. While completing those degrees, Roland further deepened his beliefs in valuing people, time, and serving the greater good.

    Meet Roland Gonzalez, Jr.
  • Todd  Harris

    Todd Harris

    Settlement Planner

    Todd Harris has over a decade of experience in helping individuals and families plan for and achieve their financial goals. His extensive experience in financial advising, combined with his in-depth understanding of the settlement process, make him a trusted resource for injured claimants.

    Meet Todd Harris
  • David  Hart

    David Hart

    Settlement Planner

    Dave Hart is an experienced settlement planner and a veteran of the financial services industry. ​His focus centers around assisting attorneys, as well as individuals and their families with the evaluation, design, and negotiation of structured settlements.

    Meet David Hart
  • Christina  Hartke

    Christina Hartke, CSSC

    Settlement Planner

    Christina Hartke has over 15 years of experience in the financial planning industry. Her greatest expertise comes from an extensive knowledge of health care planning and government benefit preservation, an extremely important planning area that attorneys turn to her for advice, both on individual cases and mass torts. She worked with plaintiffs to implement financial plans for settlements totaling $40 million in 2013 alone.

    Meet Christina Hartke
  • Naomi  Harvey

    Naomi Harvey, CFP®, ChSNC™

    Settlement Planner

    Naomi Harvey has personal life experience that helps her closely relate to her clients and understand their unique needs. She was born to a parent with a severe disability, and another parent later suffered debilitating physical injuries in a car accident. She intimately understands her clients' pain and struggles and is devoted to helping them improve their lives.

    Meet Naomi Harvey
  • Claudine  Homolash

    Claudine Homolash, Esq.

    Settlement Planner

    As a personal injury attorney, Claudine Homolash successfully resolved hundreds of cases on behalf of profoundly injured clients. She has extensive experience in all areas of personal injury, with a particular focus on major pharmaceutical injury and mass tort litigation, as well as whistleblower cases. Her comprehensive understanding of the legal system and focus on clients' needs offers a well-rounded approach to settlement planning that will benefit victims, their families and their attorneys.

    Meet Claudine Homolash
  • Traci  Kaas

    Traci Kaas, CSSC

    Managing Partner & Settlement Planner - The Settlement Alliance-WEST

    Traci Kaas not only handles millions of dollars in personal injury structured settlements each year, but she also uniquely specializes in other types of settlements, equipped to handle employment, divorce, and other non-qualified cases. Traci is the managing partner of the firm's West Coast operation, The Settlement Alliance-WEST, and is one of the leading female settlement planners in the industry, having structured over $100 million in net premium the last few years.

    Meet Traci Kaas
  • Tanis  Kelly

    Tanis Kelly, Esq.

    Settlement Planner - The Settlement Alliance-WEST

    Tanis became a part of the Settlement Alliance-WEST after practicing law in San Francisco for several years. During her law career, Tanis litigated on behalf of many personal injury plaintiffs. She saw firsthand how vital it was for her clients to have a compassionate, knowledgeable professional to help guide them through the process of planning for the future.

    Meet Tanis Kelly
  • Perrin  Langlois

    Perrin Langlois

    Settlement Planner

    Perrin is a settlement planner affiliated with The Settlement Alliance and is part of The Elite Planning Group, a producer group within AXA Advisors. Perrin has 10 years of experience in both financial advising and settlement planning. Ms. Langlois is a graduate of Baylor University and lives in Houston, Texas.

    Meet Perrin Langlois
  • Randy  Levine

    Randy Levine, Esq.

    Settlement Planner

    Randy Levine is a settlement planner and founding partner with ESS Settlement Services, an affiliate of The Settlement Alliance. He is also a trial attorney with Schachter & Levine, LLP, where he has gained extensive experience that informs his settlement planning work with personal injury and medical malpractice clients. Prior to co-founding Schachter & Levine, Randy was a senior litigator at a medical malpractice defense firm. Having worked for both plaintiffs and the defense, he brings a unique perspective to comprehensive settlement planning.

    Meet Randy Levine
  • Mike  McCullough

    Mike McCullough

    Settlement Planner

    Mike McCullough is a settlement planner and founder of The McCullough Group, an affiliate of The Settlement Alliance. His political involvement in fighting for victims' rights and the protection of minors' settlement proceeds has not gone unnoticed in his home state. Mike is one of only six structured settlement brokers appointed by United States District Judge Carl J. Barbier to handle structured settlements for the British Petroleum litigation through the official Deepwater Horizon Claims Center.

    Meet Mike McCullough
  • Jeanie  McIntyre

    Jeanie McIntyre

    Settlement Planner

    Jeanie McIntyre possesses an impressive 23 years of experience in the structured settlement business. She is a huge asset to attorneys and their clients due to her vast experience in handling all types of complex individual and mass tort cases. In recent years, Jeanie has spent a considerable amount of time educating injured claimants on the nuances of trusts and government benefits to maximize their settlements.

    Meet Jeanie McIntyre
  • John  Mendoza

    John Mendoza

    Settlement Planner

    John Mendoza is a settlement planner with The McCullough Group, an affiliate of The Settlement Alliance. As the founder of Mendoza Settlement Group, John and his team work with plaintiff attorneys in San Antonio, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley. John has shared his expertise on a range of personal injury cases including, but not limited to those involving product liability, oil field accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, catastrophic injury, and death. He provides careful guidance for injured victims and their families who want to ensure that their settlements will meet their long-term financial needs.

    Meet John Mendoza
  • Todd S. Morrow

    Todd S. Morrow, CPA

    Settlement Planner

    Todd Morrow received his CPA in 1992 and has over 20 years of settlement planning experience. He has been involved in thousands of cases, attending hundreds of mediations, which has given him a unique insight into the financial aspects of personal injury litigation. As the founder of Morrow Settlement Services, affiliated with The Settlement Alliance, Todd spends the majority of his time assisting clients involved in catastrophic injuries in Texas, Indiana, and North Carolina.

    Meet Todd Morrow
  • Kimberly  Overby

    Kimberly Overby, CMSP

    Settlement Planner

    Kimberly Overby has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, working many years on both accounting and structured settlements. In addition to working with law firms across the country on every aspect of their clients' claims, she still handles accounting work for several prominent Houston families.

    Meet Kimberly Overby
  • Doug  Quinn

    Doug Quinn

    Settlement Planner

    Doug is a settlement planner affiliated with The Settlement Alliance and the founder of The Elite Planning Group, a producer group for AXA Advisors, in Houston, TX. He started with AXA Advisors in 1982 as an account representative in Corpus Christi, TX, and he worked extensively in the estate planning and financial planning markets.

    Meet Doug Quinn
  • Brian  Schachter

    Brian Schachter, Esq.

    Settlement Planner

    Brian Schachter is the Co-Founder of ESS Settlement Services, an affiliate of The Settlement Alliance. He is also a partner and a practicing plaintiff attorney at the law firm of Schachter & Levine in New York City. As a settlement planner, Brian combines his legal background with his settlement consulting experience to assist injured plaintiffs and their attorneys in developing customized settlement solutions.

    Meet Brian Schachter
  • Richard  Schriefer

    Richard Schriefer

    Settlement Planner

    Richard Schriefer is a settlement planner affiliated with The Settlement Alliance. He joined AXA Advisors, LLC in August 1998 and in January 2008, became a Partner at Dayton & Sydney Wealth Strategies, a division of AXA Advisors, LLC.

    Meet Richard Schriefer
  • Joanna  Seidman Wynes

    Joanna Seidman Wynes, Esq.

    Settlement Planner

    A native resident of Baltimore, Joanna Seidman Wynes, Esq. graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law magna cum laude. After graduating, Joanna moved to Philadelphia and worked for several highly-regarded firms, where she represented plaintiffs involved in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products cases.

    Meet Joanna Seidman Wynes
  • Hanson  Street

    Hanson Street

    Settlement Planner

    Hanson Street works as a settlement planner developing financial planning solutions via structured settlements, trusts, and other financial products. He is a member of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA).

    Meet Hanson Street

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