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The Settlement Alliance has brought together a group of industry-leading settlement planning professionals. We are dedicated to protecting the financial futures of injured claimants and their families by offering comprehensive settlement services. Our consultants are licensed nationwide and are proud to do business with hundreds of law firms across the country.
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Mike McCullough

Settlement Planner

For more than 15 years, Mike McCullough has worked nationally with plaintiffs’ attorneys to help facilitate settlements for all types of litigation, from minor claims to some of the largest, most complex claims in the industry. Mike relies upon his extensive experience when working with clients to design individualized structured settlement plans that preserve government benefits, while providing for the present and future needs of the claimants. Prior to his settlement planning career, Mike worked as a law firm office manager.

Mike is a proud member of the Society of Settlement Planners (SSP) and the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA). He is one of only six structured settlement brokers in the nation who has been appointed by U.S. District Court Judge Carl J. Barbier to handle structured settlements for claimants involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

As a father, Mike is especially attuned to the needs of his minor clients. He worked closely with Louisiana state lawmakers to pass legislation offering increased protection to minors involved in litigation. His efforts prompted Rep. Joseph Lopinto (R-LA, 80th District) to amend the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure’s House Bill 133 to provide clearer guidance for judges and more protection for minors involved in litigation (2008). To this day, Mike continues to work with other state congressmen on future legislation.

Outside of work, Mike spends his spare time fishing with friends and serving as a fishing guide. He actively donates to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Mike graduated from the University of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.


For many years now, we have trusted Mike McCullough to help our clients with their structured settlement needs. […]. Mike never pressures the clients, and he does a great job of encouraging clients to make financial decisions that best suit their situation. Regardless of their final decisions, my clients are universally appreciative of Mike’s efforts and even appreciative of our firm for the introduction. Lastly, Mike has been particularly helpful in cases involving minor children where he helps parents understand the importance of securing a child’s recovery in an annuity—both to protect the child’s interest until majority and to provide for responsible disbursement thereafter.

Blake R, David, Esq.
Founding Partner
Broussard & David, LLC

Mike McCullough helps me and helps my clients. Mike is accessible, knowledgeable, and has the resources to provide educated advice on settlement planning. From Medicare set-asides and special needs trusts, to structured settlements, my clients and I have used Mike's services with success. I recommend Mike to anyone who wants to provide their clients with settlement planning advice.

Lawrence J. Centola, III,
Martzell & Bickford,
New Orleans, Louisiana

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