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What is the Difference Between a Mass Tort and a Class Action? Dec 20, 2016

When a large number of individuals (claimants) experience physical or financial harm resulting from the actions of the same defendant(s), it may make sense to group all of their lawsuits together. Mass torts and class action lawsuits are two of the ...

What Should You Expect From a Qualified Settlement Fund Administrator? Jun 8, 2015

Once a settlement is reached, it is important that each claimant has the time to make well-informed decisions about how to handle their portion of the recovery. In order for that to occur, neither the plaintiff law firm(s) nor the claimant(s) can ...

What Do My Mass Tort Clients Need to Consider? Nov 6, 2014

Mass tort cases can involve hundreds, sometimes thousands of claimants. Some claimants may have minor injuries, while others may have experienced life-altering injuries or the death of a loved one. For those receiving a settlement as the result of a ...

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