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Blog Posts in March, 2017

Executive Team Spotlight: Debra Greer, Esq. Mar 30, 2017

Primary Office Location: Houston, TX What is your role at The Settlement Alliance? I am the general counsel for the company. I initially handled human resources, but as we have grown over the last few years, my role has involved mostly dealing with ...

If an Attorney Wants to Structure Fees, Does the Claimant Also Have to Structure? Mar 28, 2017

Structured attorney fees can be an excellent strategy for an attorney who wants to spread out their tax burden over time or add a stable source of reliable income to a retirement portfolio. The ability to structure fees must be included in the ...

What is Eligible for Special Needs Trust Distributions? Mar 23, 2017

A special needs trust is a type of account that protects the assets of a disabled individual and in many cases, allows the disabled individual to maintain eligibility for vital needs-based government benefits , such as Medicaid and SSI. Most often, a ...

What Makes Structured Settlements a Wise Choice for Claimants? Mar 21, 2017

You may have heard that receiving your personal injury settlement proceeds in the form of a structured settlement annuity may be a safer option than accepting a lump sum. Structured settlements can offer claimants many protections and advantages that ...

Executive Team Spotlight: Katie Dunn Mar 15, 2017

Primary Office Location: Buffalo, NY What is your role at The Settlement Alliance? Director of Marketing What do you enjoy most about working at TSA? Of all of the settlement planning firms in the industry, The Settlement Alliance is by far the most ...

Minors and Structured Settlements Mar 10, 2017

Injury cases involving minors often involve the strictest settlement requirements. Because minors are considered unable to make their own financial decisions, courts typically lean towards conservative financial approaches. One of the most common ...

Settlement Planning: A Case Study Mar 10, 2017

Whether your client is a minor child, a working age adult, or an elderly claimant, a settlement planner can be a valuable addition to your team. Unlike a broker or a financial advisor who focuses solely on the finances, a settlement planner takes a ...

What is a Lump Sum Settlement? Mar 9, 2017

If you are involved in a settlement—as the result of a personal injury case, for example—there are several different options for how you can accept the proceeds. One of those options is a lump sum. Before you make a decision, though, be sure that you ...

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