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Settlement Planner Spotlight: John Mendoza

Settlement Planner Spotlight: John Mendoza

Jan 12, 2017

Primary Office Location: Rio Grande Valley, Texas

What is your personal motto?

My personal motto is “improvise, adapt, overcome,” which I have lived by since my time in MCJROTC in high school. Life challenges all of us on a daily basis and it is how we respond to the challenges that define us.

Why did you choose to become a settlement planner?

Becoming a settlement planner was very personal choice. I have a good friend who is a great trial lawyer and he and I would talk about how after plaintiffs win settlements, they are often given bad advice from family and friends (or no advice at all). I have been able to utilize my years of experience as a financial advisor to help our clients make smart decisions about their money.

What line of work were you in before you became a settlement planner?

Prior to being a settlement planner I worked as a financial advisor. I have worked in finance since 1999 and have successfully worked through our country’s three major market declines. As a financial advisor, and now a settlement planner, I am able to utilize my experience and knowledge of personal finance, financial markets, and estate planning to help our clients make smart financial decisions.

What do you enjoy most about being a settlement planner?

I enjoy making a positive impact in the lives of the people I get to meet. Every case and client is different. The needs differ from family to family and most of them are anxious and not sure of how to move forward when we first meet. I find great joy in the smiles and tears when clients hear that they've won their case and knowing that they are already prepared for the next chapter in their lives.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

As a husband and father of two teenagers, I spend most of my time with my active family. I am a Boy Scout Assistant Scout Master for Troop 6 of the Rio Grande Council. I also enjoy running and have completed several Spartan races.


For more information, you can contact John here.

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