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5 Tips for Improving Client Satisfaction in 2017

5 Tips for Improving Client Satisfaction in 2017

Jan 13, 2017

Whether you are a seasoned attorney or just starting out, you know how important it is to keep a steady stream of satisfied clients. Here are 5 ways your settlement planner can help increase your firm’s standard of client care this year:

1. MEDIATION SUPPORT: Rather than relying on the defense’s expert to recommend a settlement amount, bring your own settlement planner to mediation. The settlement planner can help your client piece together a settlement plan that will meet their medical and financial needs, freeing you to focus on the legal aspects of the case.

2. EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: Every plaintiff’s medical and financial situation is different; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to resolving a case. Ask your settlement planner for educational materials that will help answer the questions your client has about their unique situation and options for settlement.

3. THE BEST SETTLEMENT OPTIONS: Not sure what your client’s rated age is and how it can affect their structured settlement rates? Not sure if a trust—or what type of trust—is the right option for your client? Ask your settlement planner to pull together the best possible options for your client to choose from.

4. FINANCIAL ISSUE RESOLUTION: Maybe your client has a medical lien that needs to be resolved, or there are charges on the lien report that shouldn’t be there. Maybe your client filed for bankruptcy right before the settlement and you aren’t sure if there are any exemptions in their state of residence. Maybe your client will need to go through probate and they need to find local counsel to settle their loved one’s estate. A settlement planner can help connect the dots with experts in your client’s area of residence.

5. GOVERNMENT BENEFIT PRESERVATION: Your client’s settlement might be enough to kick them off important needs-based government benefits (like Medicaid or SSI), but might not be enough to make up for that lost benefit income in the long run. A settlement planner can help your client devise a strategy for maintaining government benefit eligibility while still having access to the settlement recovery.

BONUS TIP- ATTORNEY FEE DEFERRALS: While you’re caring for your clients, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Your settlement planner can help you walk through options for an attorney fee deferral, and will make sure that the appropriate language is included in the settlement agreement.

Bring the Settlement Planner in Early

The earlier you bring a settlement planner into the process, the better chance you have at exceeding your client’s expectations. Not only does time offer the opportunity to tailor a plan to meet their needs, but for options such as structured settlements, decisions need to be made prior to settlement and certain language needs to be included in the settlement agreement.

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