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Blog Posts in September, 2014

The New IRS Private Letter Ruling: What Does it Mean for Claimants Who Want to Structure? Sep 16, 2014

Last week, the IRS released a Private Letter Ruling that included a section regarding the entrance of an annuity provider (presumably) into the secondary structured settlement market. This section reads, Separate from the Qualified Assignment and ...

Will My Client's Settlement Affect Their Government Benefits Eligibility? Sep 16, 2014

When a claimant receives a settlement in personal injury case, they have the option to receive the settlement recovery in the form of a lump sum, or via a structured settlement annuity. Prior to deciding whether to accept a lump sum or go another ...

Structured Settlements: Are They Still Worth It? Sep 16, 2014

When Congress enacted the Periodic Payment Settlement Tax Act of 1982 , the Federal Tax Code was amended to allow special tax treatment for damages received in personal injury and wrongful death cases. The legislation provided that if a personal ...

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