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Blog Posts in October, 2014

What is a Non-Qualified Settlement? Oct 29, 2014

Most people have heard of structured settlements—many even know that structures purchased with the proceeds from personal injury and wrongful death settlements provide tax-free, long-term income. What is less well-known, though, is the potential tax ...

Avoiding Legal Malpractice: Why You Need a Settlement Planner Oct 28, 2014

Texas Lawyer recently ran a story about a Texas business that sued two lawyers and their firms for legal malpractice. The basis of the lawsuits? Mistakes made in the settlement agreement. In a string of cases involving allegations of fraud, a ...

CMS Withdraws Future Medicals NPRM Oct 24, 2014

Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) withdrew its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding Medicare Secondary Payer and Future Medicals, which had been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget in ...

Three Key Items for Determining Case Value Oct 14, 2014

When an attorney meets with a potential client, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether to resolve a case at mediation, take it to trial, or even to accept it in the first place. Time and money expenditures can often be considerable, and ...

Preserving a Minor's Settlement: Part II Oct 9, 2014

In Part I of this post, we discussed the three main options for preserving a minor’s settlement: a guardianship account, a trust, and a structured settlement annuity. As mentioned in the previous post, these options can be used exclusively, or in ...

Rated Ages Can Be the Key to Saving Your Client Money Oct 3, 2014

When an attorney is settling a case, some of the first items their settlement consultant will ask for are the medical records. Why? Typically, the settlement consultant can work with insurance companies to get rated ages for your client, which can ...

Preserving a Minor's Settlement: Part I Oct 3, 2014

When a minor is injured in an accident, the long-term implications can be not only physical—they can be financial as well. When a large settlement is involved, the stress on the family can feel overwhelming. To protect the minor’s best interests, the ...

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