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Claimants’ Top 3 Settlement Questions, Answered May 19, 2017

Depending on the complexity of a claimant’s case, attorneys sometimes spend years working to achieve a positive outcome. While settlement represents the closure of one chapter, it can also bring up a host of concerns for the claimant. Here are three ...

Structured Settlement Broker vs. Settlement Planner: What’s the Difference? May 17, 2017

In the legal industry, it’s not uncommon to hear the word “broker” used to describe any number of individuals who assist in determining how to handle the settlement recovery. There are key differences between a broker and a settlement planner, ...

Read This Before Settling Your Next Minor’s Case May 12, 2017

One of our attorney clients recently expressed frustration that for minors’ cases, a registry of the court seemed like the only viable option for settlement. Registries of the court, surrogate bank accounts, and blocked savings accounts are all safe ...

Using Structured Settlements to Resolve Workers’ Compensation Claims May 10, 2017

If you have ever been injured on the job, you know how overwhelming it feels to try and replace your income while you and your family try to adjust to a new normal. Workers’ compensation rules vary by state and often provide only limited assistance ...

4 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Injury Settlement Apr 25, 2017

Receiving a personal injury settlement may help provide a sense of closure to an emotionally charged time in your life. For many claimants, though, post-settlement can also be stressful. The realities of handling hundreds of thousands, or even ...

3 Things You May Not Know About Structured Settlements Apr 7, 2017

Structured settlements are one of the top financial tools relied upon by claimants involved in personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation cases. You may have heard that structured settlements are 100% income tax-free and a stable ...

If an Attorney Wants to Structure Fees, Does the Claimant Also Have to Structure? Mar 28, 2017

Structured attorney fees can be an excellent strategy for an attorney who wants to spread out their tax burden over time or add a stable source of reliable income to a retirement portfolio. The ability to structure fees must be included in the ...

What Makes Structured Settlements a Wise Choice for Claimants? Mar 21, 2017

You may have heard that receiving your personal injury settlement proceeds in the form of a structured settlement annuity may be a safer option than accepting a lump sum. Structured settlements can offer claimants many protections and advantages that ...

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